About Lisa

Lisa’s background is in Special Education. She has a Master’s Degree in Special Education, concentrating on students with multiple disabilities and deafblindness from the University of Kansas. Her Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln concentrated on both elementary and special education.

She has worked as a research associate at the University of Kansas and at Oregon Health and Sciences University. At OHSU, she worked with adults with cognitive and other impairments, as well as working with the university to make their programs more accessible to disabled students.

She has completed a six-month training program (under blindfold) at the Nebraska Commission for the Blind and has advocated on capital hill on behalf of blind self-advocacy groups. She has worked with national disability leaders such as Justin Dart, Judy Heumman, Michael Ward, and Mark Maurer. She also has first-hand experience in using the skills of blindness as she is both vision and hearing impaired.

She currently lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and three children. She and her husband own an adaptive tech training and consultation company called Miles Access Skills Training, LLC.

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